About Us

This company has been established with the collective efforts of experts and sympathizers of the oil, gas, petrochemical and power plant industries with scientific support and experience of over 20 years in order to serve the related industries.
PTS company is backed by the knowledge and expertise of skilled and technically experienced personnel in the oil-related industries, as well as the use of up-to-date systems based on high and “high tech” knowledge, and finally the use of fully specialized tools, devices and machines on the production lines.
At first, this company, in cooperation with specialized parent companies such as the German SGI Group, etc., has conducted comprehensive studies on the Iranian labor market and the supply of hi-tech items and also, by using the latest technical knowledge in the world, it has been able to produce specialized products with superior accuracy and quality in Iran.
To achieve the above results, this company, in partnership with international companies, designed and implemented its factories in the deprived area of Sarayan located in South Khorasan province, with the aim of creating employment opportunities in deprived areas of Islamic Iran and also creating entrepreneurship for this deprived province.
Due to the activities of this company and the specialization of the services provided, it is obvious that the need for the presence of the following

specialized units to provide these services is essential :

Technical and sales plan engineer section :
This unit started its activity during the establishment of the company and before the establishment of the factory in order to plan the units and sections of this complex.
Use of elite engineers in the oil and gas industry with 20 years of experience and use of specialized software such as CAD CAM – CATIA – AUTO CAD – MATLAB – AUTO PIPING – GASKET Design and also the use of sample assembling to expedite the preparation of technical and commercial proposals required for respectable employers is on the agenda of this section.
Using the company’s feedback and internal control forms and continuous cooperation with the QA unit, this unit is automatically accountable to respectable employers and its feedback can be seen in the company’s financial and sales process.

“Manufacturer and supplier of :
1 - Flanges
2 – Industrial Static seal Gaskets
3 – Forge Fittings
4 – Piping items”

Sub-units of this section:
• Engineering Design Unit – Processes
• Sales Engineering Unit
• Internal and external purchasing engineering unit
• Develop & research Unit
• Technical feedback Unit
Quality control & Quality assurance Unit (QA & QC)
This section is the key unit of the collection and the staff of this section have always been composed of the best organizational personnel.
“Integrity, accuracy and expertise” is the motto of this department and this unit always emphasizes on quality control of all stages, from purchasing to design, construction, delivery, after-sales service and creating the necessary processes to ensure quality.
In fact, it can be said that all sections of this collection have always been sub-sections of this section, however, some of these units can be mentioned:
• Quality control section
• Quality assurance section
• Document control section
Other parts of this collection can also be briefly mentioned:
• Production line and maintenance processes section
• Project & special orders section
• Project control and planning department
PTS company also has an advanced financial system and specialized software and efficient financial forces, which include units “Income and balance sheet – Financial documents – Financial accounting – Industrial accounting – Receipts and revenue unit, etc.”
Other facilities of this company include the use of advanced and localized production line devices and equipment, including forming lines, twisting, lathe, milling, welding, rolling, packing and semi & full automatic painting.
One of the advantages of this company is the specialized and semi-automatic warehouse of this company, which is continuously active in the field of import and export of raw materials, consumables and products.
The planning of purchasing raw materials and consumables is under the control of specialized software and project control, which are fully reviewed by the planning and quality control units and are considered one of the strongest units of this company.
The company with the mentioned facilities and having hundreds of tons of raw materials and products that are stored in the warehouses of this company in a completely specialized way, has been able to be included in various projects and vendor lists of oil, gas, petrochemical, steel and other industries and cooperate with various companies such as the following companies:
South Pars Gas Complex Company (SPGC), Provincial Gas Operations and Provincial Gas Companies, Mashin Sazi Arak Company
South Points, Matn – Falat Ghareh Oil Company – Central Oil, Zagros-Jam-Arak-Tabriz Petrochemical, Oil and Gas Refineries, Steel Companies, Sarcheshmeh Copper Company