Quality Department

We are inspired by sustainable growth, we pursuit Quality excellence by continuous improvement focusing on engineering, quality, the environment, health and safety and an interest to our stakeholders.
Providing high quality goods and services is our main goal.
In this regard, we use modern qualitative methods and consider global quality standards as our roadmap.
In the program of this company, its quality and control steps are formed not only in the raw materials, manufacturing and production sectors, but also at all levels of the company, according to the principles and global quality standards, and the processes are continuously monitored and reviewed.
We use two software and hardware methods to advance quality goals.
In the software section, we use the steady implementation of quality instructions in processes and their development.

Therefore, we mention the following items in the software section:

• Check and control software and comprehensive automation system
• Professional archiving and certification
• Use of forms and monitoring related to the internal and external departments of the company
• Control of internal and external communication
• Software control and monitoring of raw material suppliers and services
• Controlling customer and employer satisfaction through quality valuation systems
• Establishing online communication between customers and sales and quality control departments
• Establishment of guarantee control units (under the supervision of QA organization) in engineering units – sales, production and finally quality control
• Creating quality assurance bottlenecks structurally and based on parallel monitoring of organizational processes
The above items are the goals of the quality control software section.

Hardware quality control section
PTS company, considering the production process and supply of goods suitable for its special employers, who generally have experience and expertise in quality units, by using experienced personnel – appropriate equipment for the quality control process – creating an advanced laboratory, all its efforts to Provides quality goods with high level and special services.