Forged Pipe Plug

Forged plugs are available with round, squared or hexagonal head and are used to blind pipes.
Pipe plug can withstand high pressure, it is connected with the main parts of the pipe, it can be used in different forms, different connection types, they are not the same as the level of pressure, the type is many, there are different angles of elbow, there are four, three and so on, but the production of each pipe is standard, we come to the specific understanding of.
The material of the pipe plug is carbon steel, stainless steel, etc. many of the pipe fittings for oil, natural, construction and many other industries, it does not need to pipe billet raw materials, production is simple, the process is also very good operation, can save the cost of pipe equipment, and the cost of the mold, it is only in accordance with the provisions of the project to repair